Volunteer Opportunities

Partner With us as We Move Forward

As a volunteer-based program, you can help us impact the lives of those in poverty in our community. We need partners that can donate their time, money, materials, and other resources that can be distributed to the homeless. Nearly 100% of our donations go directly to provide services.

To Volunteer 

Weekdays we provide outreach walks and we have several flexible volunteer opportunities throughout each week.

If you are interested in joining us on outreach, please contact us and we can find an opportunity for you to engage in. 

If you are looking to contribute outside of an outreach capacity we are always looking for people willing to establish supply drives in their communities to help us collect essential items such as socks, hats, coats, medical supplies, food, water, and other basic needs.


We try to help our youth take care of as many dental, health and vision issues as possible. This, however, is extremely expensive, and we are in need of people to volunteer services or money to help us keep the youth as healthy as possible.