Dinner and A Movie has been helping people off the streets of Portland since 2001.

We understand that the people who live on the streets of our city have experienced trauma in their lives. All of the people we work with on the streets are there because someone in their life has already failed them. This drives our trauma informed outreach approach. Our goal is to build trust and establish a positive relationship that leads to long-term recovery.

Our Approach

The services we provide are more than simply food or clothing, we engage with individuals personally in impactful ways. 

We are able to tailor our work to fit the needs of each person we serve and provide individualized pathways to recovery. 

Our desire is to be a consistent source of love and kindness in a relational manner that will connect with people and build community while providing for physical needs. 

Through this long term process, we have seen several people find the strength to change their lives and find a path to a successful future.


We are currently providing several outreach walks each week where we go directly into the homeless camps to distribute food, clean drinking water, medical supplies, and other basic essential supplies to the homeless. 

On a monthly basis we also provide medical walks where in addition to our regular services, medical professionals partner with us to help provide more extensive medical and first aid treatments. 

These outreach walks serve as an important opportunity to deliver essential items directly to the camps and underserved areas where the homeless live. 

This helps us to meet needs while more importantly building the foundations of the relationships that lead to real change.  

As we get to know an individual through outreach we are able to take them out for meals, on field trips to watch a movie, or other activities that provide a needed distraction from life on the streets.