About Us

About Us

Dinner and a Movie is a 501c3 not for profit public benefit corporation dedicated to providing healing to those trapped in the cycles of chronic homelessness, addiction, and abuse.   

We work directly in the camps around the Portland Metro Area engaging in a sort of spiritual search and rescue to build relationships with the individuals that live there.  

These relationships function as an exit to this harmful lifestyle and a gateway to recovery. This is a process we refer to as Prehab. Through these personal connections we are able to connect the individual with resources and recovery plans that fit their personal needs.

Our team walks alongside the people we serve as a resource to rely on wether they be living on the street, actively in a drug recovery program, newly starting sober life off the streets, or fully clean and sober for years and working hard to raise a family of their own. 

Dinner and a Movie’s strength is in the flexibility to support the varying needs of each person we serve and in the longevity of service to stand by each person through whatever life throws out them for however long they need support.

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