Frequently Asked Questions About Dinner and a Movie

Why is it called Dinner and a Movie?

The name was given to us early on by the youth we serve because for the first 19 years of our program’s history we provided a weekly dinner and showed a movie every week. Though the work we do day to day looks different, we have kept the name because once we get to know people on outreach we take them on field trips for activities like eating dinner or going to a movie. 

Do you still have your weekly feeding?

When the pandemic hit, we lost our ability to provide weekly feeding the way we used to. Recognizing the ever increasing need, we got creative and started providing services such as food, water, and medical supplies straight to the homeless in the areas they live.

Where is your building located?

Since going mobile for outreach, we have found that this model works better for reaching those in need. It is not as easy as it used to be for the homeless to be able to travel to a location in order to receive services. We also believe that due to the relational nature of our outreach program it is more impactful for our program to be entirely mobile.

Do you still provide services downtown?

We were originally based out of downtown Portland but due to recent changes, much of the homeless population has moved away from the downtown area. The work we do now is primarily based on the east side of the river. We have a few routes we use that take us through different populous areas such as the Springwater Corridor, along the I-205 Corridor, and many places in between. We frequently scout out the city and adapt where we go to ensure we are where the most people in need are, as this does often change due to sweeps done by the city. Our strength in outreach is flexibility and adaptability as it is no longer viable in reaching the most people in an effective way to be based out of a central location.

How can I help make an impact?

We have multiple ways you can get involved and donate your money, time, and resources. As a small organization we survive on consistent monthly donations, becoming a monthly donor and partner is a crucial way to provide support.

You can join the mailing list for our monthly newsletter where we update our supporters on our goals, achievements, and specific needs of those we serve. We also provide updates about events throughout the year that we reach out for support in operating.  

If you are interested in donating items or services please reach out to us. 

There are many volunteer opportunities throughout each week and we are flexible in our schedule for those who are interested in joining us in outreach to more directly experience the work we do. 

Due to the relational nature of our services, whether it be through supplies or our mentorship program, we have very little overhead and nearly all of what is donated goes directly to the individuals we serve. 

How can I stay connected?

You can find us on facebook at Dinner Movie, dinnerandamoviepdx on Instagram, join our monthly newsletter, or connect with our staff personally. 

Are donations to your organization tax deductible? 

Yes, your donations are tax deductible. Dinner and a Movie is a 501C3 Public Benefit Organization, you can find us in the IRS database using our Employment Identification Number 20-0401676.

We are listed in the IRS database under the name Youth and Family Crossroads but do business under the name Dinner and a Movie.