August 23, 2019

The Changing Downtown Culture

One constant in this world we live in is change.  Dinner & a Movie has been serving the homeless community for almost 18 years.  During that time we have had the opportunity to mentor and impact numerous families and individuals working to turn their life around and provide a better environment for their families.  For these 18 years we have served the homeless youth community from downtown Portland where they have traditionally been.  

According to a 2019 Point-In-Time analysis through HUD, there are over 2,000 unsheltered homeless and over 4,000 homeless people in the City of Portland.  In recent years the dynamics of the downtown area have changed and we have found that many of the youth trying to escape the challenges of poverty find themselves actively avoiding this area.  As a result we are beginning to serve these individuals in other areas of the city.  In addition to our Tuesday night event downtown, we will be looking to serve more people on the east-side through many of our outreach services and focus less energy downtown.

Our mission to help heal and provide hope for these families is no less important today than it has been in the past.  In fact; you could also argue that it has never been more important.  As we continue our operations we are looking for more partners to continue making an impact as we reach out to those we serve in these different areas of the city.  If making a positive impact on the homeless & impoverished youth in your community is something you are passionate about, please reach out through our website to find out how you can help be part of this important mission.

Thank you to all who made Christmas possible for those at Dinner & A Movie!

Thank You

We were able to bless 40 families with a holiday meal, presents, stockings and even cookie decorating.  It was a truly blessed event!

Thank you to the Southwest Portland Rotary Club!


Rotary Club F

A huge thank you to the Southwest Portland Rotary Club!

Their sock and diaper drive brought in hundreds of pairs of socks and boxes of diapers for Dinner & A Movie.

Read about Dinner and a Movie & the Foster Care System

FosterCareDinner and A Movie proudly announces that we are taking on the foster care system here in Oregon.  Oregon’s Foster Care system is nationally known as darn near the worst.  The worst part is that no one wants to take responsibility for the mess.

It’s the parents fault if they abuse, beat, neglect, or rape their children.  However, small, vulnerable, children are returned to the very same parents that harmed them in the first place just to be abused again.

I ask, whose fault is it then?   I have seen it happen again and again.  When I ask why everyone from the bottom to the chief administrator of the program shrugged their shoulders and said, “That’s the law.  Wish somebody could do something about it.”  Well, there is something that can be done and we are doing it. We want to strengthen the laws so these children get better results from the system.

Please join us and change will come sooner.

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