April 1, 2015

Help with Back to School supplies

Back to School

Back to School – three words that strike fear into the hearts and minds of children around the country.  With decreased school budgets the supply list is what scares parents.  These lists now include your traditional supplies plus things like copy paper, zip-lock bags, tissues, hand sanitizer, tape, dry erase markers and even crackers.

This can be overwhelming for any family but for the families we serve at Dinner & A Movie it is simply impossible for them to provide all these items for their children.  We want to make sure that all the school aged children at D&M to start off their school year on the right foot.  Help us make sure that they head to their first day of school with a backpack filled with the supplies the other kids will have and their head held high.

Your donations can make this possible.

$10 will provide a back pack for a preschooler for head start

$25 will provide supplies for an elementary aged student

$45 will provide supplies and a backpack for an elementary aged student

$35 will provide supplies for a middle or high school student

$55 will provide supplies and a backpack for a middle or high school student

Donations can be made at dinnerandamoviepdx.com or mailed to Dinner & A Movie PO Box 28237 Portland, OR 97228.  Contact Jen Lawrence (503-734-9299 or  contact us here) with questions.

Join us for a great night of music and fun!

Join us for a great night of music and fun!

It will make a difference in the lives of homeless youth and impoverished families.


June 28th 6 pm.

Village Church

(330 SW Murray Blvd. Beaverton, OR 97005)

Music, Local art, Coffee bar, Desserts, Silent Auction

Hit Machine (www.hitmachineband.com)

Proceeds will benefit Dinner & A Movie  – a local non-profit that mentors homeless youth and impoverished families.

Dinner & A Movie’s 2012 Spring Dessert

 Dinner & A Movie’s Spring Dessert

Is Cancelled


We apologize for any inconvence

Questions? Call Jen at 503-734-9299 or jen@dinnerandamoviepdx.com

You can still donate here:

Dinner & A Movie

Making hope tangible for homeless youth and impoverished families.

Last Friday, was a busy day at D&M. We started off by celebrating Easter with a brunch. The kids enjoyed dying eggs, participating in an egg hunt and each received a basket. Unfortunately, in the midst of all this joy one of our young moms was suffering from extreme depression. In December, Rylie was diagnosed with a chronic illness. It is rare and painful. Since then she has not received any treatments that have helped. She is the single mother of a 6 year old boy. The continued pain is taking its toll. On top of this the one year anniversary of her father’s death just past adding to her emotional pain. Though we cannot fix her illness or bring her dad back. We are there to listen, counsel and support her. We are her family.

In addition to all this we had one young mother deliver a healthy baby boy. She and her boyfriend made the tough decision to put their son with an adoptive family. This decision brought a great deal of turmoil and sorrow to their hearts. They too needed our emotional support.

In these tough economic times D&M is running on empty. We need your help to continue to support these families and so many more. Please make it possible for D&M to continue help those in your community who are in so much need.

Make a donation – Funds will be used to provide for the physical and emotional needs of impoverished families and homeless youth. Donations can be made at www.dinnerandamoviepdx.com or PO Box 28237, Portland OR 97228.

Become a Champion - Each champion partners with D&M with a $50 (or more) per month donation. The donation makes it possible for us to continue to sustain mentors for these families.

Spread the word – Please help light the grass on fire by forwarding this to friends, family and co-workers. I have attached our brochure for those who might not know about D&M already. The more supporters we have the greater good we can do for those we serve. Let’s make change possible!

Please feel free to contact Jennifer Lawrence 503-734-9299 jen@dinnerandamoviepdx.com with questions, comments or to learn more.